PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Review

Dagan reviews the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky seen here in Tungsten and shows us why you need to try one.
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The PRS John Mayer Signature guitar has been based on Paul reed Smith’s and John’s favourite elements from vintage instruments that they own which are dated between 1963 and 1964 – I’m sure you can guess which style of guitar!
However there have been some specific design improvements that make playing the guitar far more enjoyable for players of all levels. The lush John Mayer sound is achieved thanks to the 635JM single coil pickups. These pickups offer you a vintage-style sound but also feature a higher signal-to-noise ratio than traditional single coil. This results in the 635JM’s providing less hum and noise than you’d usually find in single coil pickups. These pickups also maintain a musical high-end without any of the usual “ice-picky” sound that can sometimes be found in vintage style pickups.
As John Mayer famously quoted about these guitars, the string tension has also been addressed, providing a responsive playing experience thanks to expert tweaking of the distance between the bridge and tuning pegs.
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11 thoughts on “PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Review

  1. Even if you had 10 meters of string behind the nut the tension would be the same. The elasticity changes…meaning the less string you have behind the nut the less string you have to bend to achieve the same note….but the tension is exactly the same.

  2. Have you played the PRS EG SE? Looks like an upscale version of that 2 decades later. Not hating it is my favorite guitar that I currently own

  3. You covered it all, Dagan! I don't have a problem with the axe. Sounds great. Not sure if more are upset because John sold out from Fender or that the Silver Sky looks like a Fender. There are worse copy cats than PRS. What I love about the PRS is the headstock-14 degrees, nice string tension…

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