23 thoughts on “Repair iphone6s error 9

  1. Error 1 siempre debes poner la boquilla de la pistola para afuera de la lógica para no darle calor a los otros IC , error 2 limpiar la soldadura antigua ya que es diferente aleación y ya está usada

  2. I got error (9) while trying to restore my iPhone 6 in iTunes. Per another video, I removed the screen, connected phone with iTunes (with screen detached), restored the phone with latest iOS update as new phone including firmware (I kept pressing the logic board with my thumb throughout the restore). It restored fully. I connected the screen and started the phone without fully closing it. It started and was able to set it up as a new phone including iCloud logins and 6 digit passcode. Restarted the phone. Once I enter the pass code, it goes back to the Apple logo loop again. Not sure why? I'm sure if I try to restore with iTunes, I will get error 9 again. BTW, the old screen was broken and I'm using a new screen (after market). Something in the new screen doesn't go well with the phone and I don't know what! I'm sitting with a pristine condition, 64gb BRICK!

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