42 thoughts on “SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors-Episode 1: Birth Of A Hero (ENG Dub)

  1. SDガンダム三国伝 気でおき線が空輸だ緯線が機銃へ緯線毒😡😁😀

  2. Brave Battle Warriors!
    They're so bad. 🎵
    They've got more fur than any turtle ever had!
    They're stronger than old cheese…
    Stronger than dirt…
    Step on their tails… 🎶
    And you're gonna get hurt…
    Brave Battle Warriors!
    They're fighting crime
    All over town! 🎶 🎵
    Four… Three… Two… One…
    Brave Battle Warriors are on the run! 🎶

  3. I like the fact that despite this being SD Gundam, it keeps the tragic storytelling and tone of the mainline Gundam shows.

  4. I think it was wrong for them to order Ryuubi to stay within the castle. Yet his Master was! "If all else fails,use the Dragon's eye." I think
    his Master meant if Ryuubi wishes to fight,even if the guards won't let him leave,he can escape through the Dragon's Eye Tower.
    Ryuubi may have learned eagerly whatever his Master was teaching him.

  5. I was watching IBO recently and then I started to think after seeing what this world would be like if a SD version of Gundam Barbados showed up and what his personality would be like.
    also WTF did I just watch

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