Shadow Fight 2 Full Story

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Shadow Fight 2 New Gates of Shadows vs Old Gates of Shadows

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Music provided by Goblins From Mars
Track – Goblins from Mars – Trust Me Now (Original Mix)
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Music provided by Goblins From Mars
Track: Goblins from Mars – Turf War (Original Mix)

Music provided by Goblins From Mars
Goblins from Mars – Voldemort

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50 thoughts on “Shadow Fight 2 Full Story

  1. How Many People agree That Shadow Fight 2 is the Best Fighting game. For me it is
    If you don't want to read this don't read because it doesn't relates to you.

    I think that
    BEST GAME= Minecraft
    Best Fighting game = Shadow Fight 2
    Best battle royal = Call of Duty
    Best Open world = GTA SanAndreas
    Best Timepass and Killing fun game = Payback 2
    If you agree comment

    Like isn't important

    Edit: Sorry I have not played GTA 5

  2. I played shadow fight 2 so much back in the day
    Bt in the end i couldn't defeat titan and didn't played it since then
    My fav weapon ate No1 blood reaper
    No.2 the sword that cant turn like chain
    I forgot the name
    No3 blaster tonfas
    No.4 the sowrd and bow one

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