🚩Shadow Fight 2 ,Defeated TITAN and Now,Here it comes to an end of the Final Moments.

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✴Weapon Used To Defeat – Composite Sword (Tempest Rage ON)


📱Recorded On Mighty GALAXY NOTE ll.

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46 thoughts on “Shadow Fight 2 – TITAN – FINAL BOSS & END CREDITS.

  1. Man this guy sucks.
    No strategy
    Doesn't use magic, kick, or a ranged weapon
    All he does is spam the attack button

  2. Titan didn't use his rolling blade attack here.You stand in one spot too much.Dodge a little bit and come close again to hit him.

    Your choice of composite sword was the strategic and it was a good choice I daresay.Tonfa and Glaive are fast but they lack range so magari yari could provide range and speed.Staff is weapon that makes me rage because enemies always dodge my attacks and they block my hits so I hate that weapon.

    You should've finished the fight at 3-1.Titans hard but he almost equalised and it'd be game over.But congrats for judging the titan conqueror club.I have yet to beat him but when I do I should focus on getting all achievements as well.

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