41 thoughts on “SURPRISING Iranian Food in Tehran!!! Serving Over 6,000 People a Day!!!

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  2. thank you for this Iran series … the cultural element is off the roof … only if nat geo can start doing stuff like this again

  3. Iran… One of the most holy and beautiful country in this world. Love to watch Iranian food… Thanks alot…any way Iranian girl r so beautiful… Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  4. 11:48 the girl asks sonny : can i have that piece of lamb that is on your fork? REALLY THATS NOT OKAY THATS ACTUALLY VERY DISRESPECTFULL! ALL MUSLIMS KNOW THAT.

  5. For who dunno what is what..Azeri = Azerbajian OGHUZ TURKS..in iran there is 35 million TURK live..Azeri is bit bullshit to use as word..And Azerbajian Turks hate that..if you use it they will warn you..

  6. Iran is one of the beautiful counties in the Middle East. Rich in culture, architects and hardworking people. The food is just the right balance of spice and the meat always fresh. They Iranian seem to be good in every thing they do .Despite the severe economic sanctions, Iran has the most genius academic personnel in every aspect in life medicine or engineering. You should go to Shiraz, very rich in history 🌺

  7. Hey sonny you doing very well I love it you know what I watch all your videos after my work so much entertainment 🤘a peace

  8. I love Iran people ,they are friendly ,the best thing they had is nuclear to protest them not to let American to invade them.look at Syria the whole country is destroy because the war.Iraq is the same you do not see the country like before ,every house is destroy by war,who false is to blame?stop the war and take care of our homeless people in our country now.

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