The best SMOKE Photoshop tutorial (FREE Smoke Photoshop Brushes)

Learn how to add smoke to your photos using photoshop brushes, in this tutorial I explain my tricks on how to use smoke brushes and apply them to my car photography work.

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Special thanks to Oskar for providing this photo

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Author: admin

27 thoughts on “The best SMOKE Photoshop tutorial (FREE Smoke Photoshop Brushes)

  1. Hey Moe, I have a question about polarizers. Your videos made me start using them a while back, but it seems I’m doing something wrong. My polarizer never gets the whole car, even rotating and everything. There’s always a region or most of the car where the reflex is still there. So it takes me usually 15 different shots of the same picture, with the polarizer at a different angle, to get the car completely polarized. Am I doing something wrong, or is this standard procedure?

  2. This is really amazing, the trick I want to apply to the other types of images, too. It’s worth to try. But it seems to me that if there was smoke around the wheels, then it would have been alive, more.

  3. Hey Moe, how are you cutting out the windows to see the smoke on the back side of the car without losing the natural reflections in the window itself? Are you making a separate selection to the windows and just turning the opacity down or what? Thanks

  4. hot tutorial!! the stripes on the ground really put a place belong feeling!! always good content !! still waiting for you to go live one day lol

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