47 thoughts on “The Dj Producer @ L.O.M.P. Part 1

  1. listening to this kinda hardcore on here or on a tape it sounds totally different than it does live and loud.when played live it doesnt sound as fast as it does here.live its fuckin shit hot.travelled all over watching the producer.i prefered seeing him play the technodrome at helter skelter as there was no barrier between the dj and the crowd so u could watch him mix n shit.

  2. what happened to his dread locks?he used to have 3 or 4 dread locks at the back of a shaved head and he would flip em over his head and put his headphones on to hold em in place and he would shake em around.he,s one of my fav dj,s along sid e the old boy dj scorpio

  3. Seen this fucking legend many times at Rezerection and the Fubar in Stirling, Nosebleed in Rosyth
    1991-2000 fucking happy days.

  4. Awesome DJ specially when partnered with Scorpio saw him many many times from 1992/98
    Like Tomorrow's world, Helter skelter, Steam2 etc along side HMS, + Loftgroover the best ever
    Also When Ribbz is on the M.I.C
    you know your brain is gonna get raped!!!
    " Time to take a pop stop, time to take a breather, time to catch a hold of ya self"

  5. The UKs best no question. Been listening since 92 and had the pleasures or seeing live many times since 96. The godfather of hardcore in the UK

  6. when ever people still say vinyl is better than CDJ's, MP3s, Contollers…. fuck off. You couldn't do half the shit like this on vinyl , plus the vinyl would be bouncing off the mats

  7. The guy is on another level.. Not many hardcore djs come close with tune selection or mixing skills.. THE Southwest's FINEST

  8. Met him at an event nearly 20 years ago,fuck were all looking old but glad to see he’s still banging it out as mental as ever

  9. tell me a more better mixer,producer lol,passion,knows a mixer and live? better than this man luke aka the mother fucking PRODUCER!

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