The DJ Producer – Rhythm's A Drug

Rhythm’s a drug from The DJ Producer is the title track of his new EP (T3RDM0271), which will be available on January 16th, 2017 on the finest music platforms.

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24 thoughts on “The DJ Producer – Rhythm's A Drug

  1. eerste keer vond ik het niks aan, maar 2de keer was al beter. Het is leuke combinatie tussen paar verschillende muziek genres

  2. "If rhythm's a drug i'm hooked on you… so show me every move… We've got perfect motion" (Sunscreem circa 1991) TUNE.

  3. Just in love with the dj producer since 96 when I first heard him … absolute legend awesome innovative music from the mind of an electronic music genius!!

  4. I love Hardstyle (Nu/Euphoric), i like Rawstyle, i like Hardcore and sometimes Uptempo but, this? I don't understand that. Not equal kick…

  5. zeer knap in elkaar gezet hoor maar het rolt er niet echt lekker stabiel uit ofzo.. hoe dans je hierop? (ik zal wel van de oude garde zijn denk)

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