this is why you don't disrespect the AP NASUS

these guys didn’t know about the AP cane.

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44 thoughts on “this is why you don't disrespect the AP NASUS

  1. This is why people dont disrespect ap nasus… More like: WOW I POPPED OFF ON A GREAT EARLY GAME HORRIBLE LATE GAME BUILD AMAZING

  2. AP nasus is garbage. By showing that, lots of silver cunts are going to play him and ruin a thousand games for even more people. Stop playing that garbage shit.

  3. Well, when I started to play this game, took me a long time to notice that Nasus wasn't suppoused to be played as a AP champion.

  4. Back when Nasus's E shreaded base armor instead of percent armor I went on a 10 game win streak with AP nasus supp! It actually wasnt troll!

  5. do you google worst nasus and singed art for your thumbnails cuz holy shit they're always like bottom of the bin deviantart trash

  6. The Olaf is literally brain dead. He ults for no reason. Even worse, when he ults his MR plummets so he basically gives any ap champ a free void staff

  7. You know how my early game nasus went? Lv1 this dude upped q and killed me with conquerer, and my jungle is retarded, a normal everyday jgler, is fking blind, im standing in my tower at least 30 cs behind and goes mid lane to feed a double kill, after that all i feel is fking rage and the game was lost, bcoz he couldn't use his EYES to play

  8. U know i once said a while back u converted me to a singed main and u actually hearted the post well ty for that u have brought back my passion for league and my dream to become an lcs player but for now imma watch your highlights to keep mental strong go sirhcez gang

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