Transforming my FIRST Minecraft Kingdom | 2013 vs 2019 | Elven God Tree + Forest Dragon

I had big dreams back in 2013! This elven kingdom, features a medieval village, an epic dragon, a god tree and much more.
I’ve always loved art and building in Minecraft, even before I had any clue how the game worked. I followed lots of tutorials from my favourite youtubers, and eventually over time I learned, and became the builder I am today. This build definitely brought back so many memories, I miss all the amazing friends I made while creating the original build. Thank you for watching and supporting my channel. This is a crazy adventure!

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Governor of the North:

The Adventures of Momo:

Forest Findings:

Life in Peace:

Thoughts in the Rain:

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Recorded with Replaymod and OBS
Minecraft version 1.14.4
Optifine 1.14.4
Shaders: Sidlurs and Chocapics!


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32 thoughts on “Transforming my FIRST Minecraft Kingdom | 2013 vs 2019 | Elven God Tree + Forest Dragon

  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for all the love, this build really means a lot to me so I'm glad you are enjoying it!
    I thought I'd address some of the common questions here so it's all in one spot.

    Whats the texture pack?
    A: No texture pack was used! The fancy shots are shaders, I used 2 different shaders. Sildurs and chocapics. (this info is in the description)

    Isnt using a shader pack for the new build unfair to the original?
    A: Honestly I don't think of it this way, I think the difference in building style is obvious with or without shaders. In my mind back in 2013 I would have LOVED to see my builds in shaders, but I didn't have a laptop that could run them. I think this video does a good job of honoring what old GeminiTay would have loved!

    Whats the music?
    A: Linked in the description!

    Was this really built in 2013??
    A: Yes! But if you are really picky, it took me the better part of an entire year to do this build, so although i started it summer 2013, I didnt finish until like March 2014? I think. This was a long time ago I don't have an exact date for you! The build remained on the server until 2018, and it was a place where me and my friends often gathered and poked around. So yes, over the years things have changed. But i'm okay with that! It makes it all the more nostalgic for me 🙂

  2. back then the game would run at 12fps and you would still say this is the best game you've ever played.

    we were so simple back then, I wanna be like that again

  3. This is so incredible! You're an amazing builder 🙂 Even in 2013 you put almost everything I build today to shame, haha!

  4. 😁 thats how I feel about drawing I love Minecraft but when it comes down to it I'm attracted to drawing no matter what

  5. Oh man, adding some villagers and animals in this little town would be the cherry on top. And copy and paste it into a world where it actually fits in, and add a wall to protect them. Wish there was a download and I'd do it! How ever, nice build 🙂

  6. Can you please do a tutorial on those roofs😇😇😇… i would love to learn them… I’ve always wanted to know how you create those curly and magical elven roofs

  7. This comment needs your help, seriously and fast. Im making a *Kingdom survival world no cheats*, First of all. *What buildings should I build in it*? and *in what kind of biome is it most recommandable to build one*? i couldn't manage to find an answer in google so im asking other kingdom fans lovers out there, Please your tips mean the world to me so please recommend me in as much as you can.

  8. Question? How can you make the sunset back ground its like watching the ending of an anime its kind of amazing with the tree but i would really wish to live in that world if it's true sadly i can't😞

  9. Man…..>○< I really love your hard work and I know it means a lot to you trust me ^_^thumbs up for your work 👍😊I hope you go farther and farther…^_<♡good luck..

  10. Honestly, instead of a treehouse, you should have made some sort of nest or den for the dragon. A small altar for sacrifices to it would also fit on there.

    For similar reasons, I don't think that church really fits the style. If it was more open-air, pagan goddess shrine, I think it would fit a lot better. Elves, especially Wood Elves that you appear to be going for, are definitely a Nature worshiping group. A Moon-Goddess or a Sea-Goddess might also work, given the height of your buildings and the port you have.

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