Unboxing and setup of the Brother HL-2140 Laser Printer

After getting a new iMac, we needed a new printer, as out old printer was junk, never worked half the time, and was ALWAYS out of ink when we needed it. (we don’t print that often and by the time we did print, the ink would be dried up) So we op-ed for a Laser printer as the ink never goes bad. We only paid $40 for the printer – where as our old printer cost over $100 and the ink was like $35 for black and $42 for color. So for the price of ONE cartage, we got a whole new printer with the ink! (that will last MUCH longer too!)

In this video, you will watch me un-box it, set it up, print a demo page, and then hook it up to the computer and also print a test page from there! Hope you enjoy it! Please rate, comment, subscribe!

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23 thoughts on “Unboxing and setup of the Brother HL-2140 Laser Printer

  1. @DMB1985CA i agree rubbish shit. just take it outside and throw a rock at it, just take it up a high building and drop it, it gives me great pleasure when i see these get smashed up.

  2. Thank you…..Enjoyed the music too. I am off to buy one this arvo from the Good Guys in Aussie land. So feel more confident after watching your Vid and being shown how to set it up.
    Thanks for that.

  3. just bought this printer from a German retailer. seems to be an excellent choice. No more paperjam or problems with ink catridges 😉

  4. I used many printers in the past and Brothers is the ones I never had paper jam problems. I had major paper jam problems with samsung and xerox printers…DO NOT buy these 2 brands!!!!

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