UV light shows the unseen splashes created by standing urination

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7 in 10 men stand when they pee instead of sitting down. Using UV light and fluorescent liquid, researchers at QS Supplies tested dozens of standing urination angles to reveal the splashback each one creates. Every time a man stands to pee, thousands of tiny unseen droplets fly onto the toilet rim, the underside of the lid and, in many cases, onto nearby walls and surfaces. The most common surface men aim at to minimise splashback is the rear wall of the toilet bowl, but in our tests, this technique actually created more misting and splashes than any other surface.

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32 thoughts on “UV light shows the unseen splashes created by standing urination

  1. I sit, because I have all girls and my wife can only blame me for the splash…. I need a boy, so he can take half the blame.

  2. That is why for muslim we have been thought to pee by not standing. How come our prophet knows 1400 year ago without ultra violet tech.

  3. Ye but without the uv light you wouldn't see this so it dont bother me one bit i careless and you know how many times ive dropped my tooth brush on the toilet or the rim of the toilet? Least a dozen times a month and i just dont care its just pee no different then water

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