Uv mapping tutorial for Blender 2.80

In this tutorial I will go over my workflow of UV unwrapping in Blender 2.8. I will also show some features of the addons “textools” and “UV Packmaster 2.0 pro”
Source model download

Tex tools – addon by renderhjs (free)

Tex tools for Blender 2.8 (download)

Tex tools webpage (info)

renderhjs on twitter

UV Packmaster 2.0 pro – addon ($)




source: https://3dcoffeeshop.com

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Author: georgiannaoby

31 thoughts on “Uv mapping tutorial for Blender 2.80

  1. Pff… a 15 minute tutorial on how to press the U key…. stoopid…

    (15 minutes later)

    :O …m ….my ….my brain hurts
    it feels like my mind has just been… well… unwrapped.

  2. I would just like to say that Daniel Bystedt is an amazing person. I emailed him with some interview questions for this article I was writing about Blender 2.8 for my 9th grade magazine class and he emailed me back with a FOUR PAGE DOCUMENT with all of his answers. Thank you so much for giving us so many beautiful projects and animations.

  3. The video is very interesting but I can hardly see anything from that rainbow checkmark stuff. it would have been better imho to start with a slightly less detailed model.

  4. Great tips! Also noticed you have uvmagic which is also superb. One thing you didn't show when using live unwrap in the uveditor. You can use this to UV unwrap island better and it will work like a sort of relax method. Say you have island which is stretch, squashed or bent orso. If you add 2 pins and then select one and hit g, for grab, it will relax the mesh. It will look way better than with the initial unwrap

  5. At first I was thinking "meh, I already know the basics of how to unwrap, I'm not sure I can be bothered to watch such a long video about the basics"… And realized that like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

    Thank you for such a great tutorial.

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