VISION – Motivational Video



Eric Thomas:
Will Smith:
Lindsey Stirling:
Sylvester Stallone and Greg Plitt

(00:35) Ludovico Einaudi: Nuvole Bianche
(05:37) Steve Jablonsky: Battle
(09:04) Steve Jablonsky: I’m Just the Messenger
(09:43) Steve Jablonsky: It’s Our Fight

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22 thoughts on “VISION – Motivational Video

  1. The collapse of the wave function (Quantum Mechanics) is more powerful than visualizing your goals.


    Those who understand how to collapse the wave function reach their goals much faster.


    I suggest you look it up on Google. Big hug, guys and girls!

  2. I hope that everyone that said that they WOULD, made their move and eventually DID.
    /_Ekoh Sol_ / – Jan 1 2020 1357 hrs
    Peace, Love and Harmony


    Please watch and subscribe!

    We all need vision for 2020. May you run this year with Hope, passion,
    faith grace and kindness. When you are running the 2020 journey,
    don't try and run it alone. Run this journey with Jesus to be your
    focus, your center in every day living. What is your vision for 2020?
    Write it out, proclaim it, speak it, declare it! Your words have
    power to create what is in line for your purpose.

  4. Eric Thomas is a great speaker, but doesn't understand the human brain, Imagination is how we communicate with our subconscious, the Subconscious who is a super computer and control everything in your body, breathing, motor skills, emotions, Fight or Flight etc. "If you lose in your mind, then you will never win in reality" said often but never understood.
    When you 'imagine' your Subconscious can't tell the difference of what's real and what's not, that's why many motivational speaks say the same thing, stop thinking negative, also a thought creates emotions and a thought posses vibration power (Yes science fact)
    The only way you can communicate with your Sub who contains every information in the world to succeed is by visualization, body language and the most important "What else" the more question you ask yourself the more you engage your sub to find solution, Motivation serves for our Conscious that control 5% of our brain, so Motivation wears off, what you need to do is learn to use your Sub which controls 95% in ur favor, like making it a habit to work smart and resilient, so stop watching Motivational Clips and start researching how to use your Sub and how the human brain functions, in order to get ahead.

  5. Vision is powerful, it kept me going when I lost my mum. Listen to my story it will Motivate, & Inspire you to keep pressing on

  6. If you keep pushing , one day is going to be your day. Guys don't just listen to this video, embrace the message. I was in a down place years ago. This video pull me through. I listened to this video multiple times a day for many days.

  7. I listened to this video all day every day 5 years ago. It helped me through trials and my life has never been the same again

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