36 thoughts on “VP vs NAVI – 7.22 PATCH NEW META! – Adrenaline Cyber League DOTA 2

  1. 2nd game Crystallize: I am the king, the master of solyaris. I took the enemy team by myself! Lay down and suck, you scum!

    3rd game Crystallize: I am playing 1vs9, why I am the only one protecting the base. Sons of sluts, useless teammates, pieces of shit!

  2. Какой же рамзик крутой игрок) даже на тройке всегда с фармом и при бабле)

  3. this new addition ZAYAK to NAVI IS PROVING SO GOODDAMN WORTH IT now they need to replace everyone except for zayak especially sonneiko outdated overrated player

  4. I really appreciate the hard work of the navi. Even though they lost this match, I see that the navi is better than the previous year. keep the spirit of navi !!! 🙂

  5. Navi's coach/ drafter needs to be kicked. Literally no flexibility in draft. Same fucking thing again and again. I wouldn't even be so pissed if they were just some shit team, but they have top talent, and it's fucking irksome to see it go to waste because of retarded drafting.
    Talent-wise Navi are tier 1, but they are fucking tier 3 overall because they literally can't do anything else.
    Wasting all that talent.

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