37 thoughts on “WazzapMigrator video tutorial – English – UPDATED 11/2018

  1. It worked. A bit of fiddling after it finished but I got a support email back within 15 mins so overall I was happy. Thank you for your good instructions.

  2. Bought the App. Followed all steps. Confused at the step where Media is to be detected by the Migrator App. Says Media folder not found. Ticket Raised. Please help!

  3. I already download whatsapp 218.248 , but i cant backup all my local file into google drive , it said 'unable to access your account at this time,please try again later '

  4. This is not working for me, I have done
    >> back of whatsapp using iBackup Viewer
    >> Saved on the machine
    >> Trying to copy in 'Download' folder of android – not worked so copied in another folder 'This PCRedmi Note 6 ProInternal shared storageDCIM'
    >> Now wazzapmigrator's paid version unable to find the file 'ChatStorage.sqlite' – which is available on my android device (Redmi Note 6 Pro).
    >> Tried via Google Drive too – the software/app (wazzapmigrator) unable to locate this. Please help.

  5. It's a pity that Whatsapp/Google don't offer an easy solution themselves but I'm glad an app like this exists in it's place.
    Worked perfectly with well timed instructions. Thanks 🙂

  6. I started using Whatsapp on my new phone. Will I lose all the recent chats on my new phone if I restore the old phone's chat through the WazzapMigrator?

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