Weak Forms – How to Pronounce Weak Forms in English

Weak forms are an important part of English pronunciation. The same word can have very different pronunciations depending on what it does in the sentence. Understanding weak and strong forms in English will really help your English speaking and listening.

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1. Which Words Have Weak Forms? 1:53
2. When Should You Use Weak Forms? 5:47
3. When Should You Use Strong Forms? 8:02
4. Practice with Weak Forms 11:11

This lesson will help you:
– Be able to recognize which English words have weak forms.
– Understand when to use weak forms in English.
– Know when to use strong forms in English.
– Practice English pronunciation of weak forms.
– Understand how to recognize different sounds in weak and strong forms.

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39 thoughts on “Weak Forms – How to Pronounce Weak Forms in English

  1. Hello! I'm from INDIA….I want to know if one can come to BRITAIN and learn the same live face to face from you, like regular accent classes?

  2. Hi Oli! I have a question with your lesson. My teacher said" weak form is just put in the middle, not at the beginning or the end of a sentence". So why do you say that "does" is a weak form in the first question? (12:36).

  3. anyone can explain, why at 12:11 for the first example used "does she really think" instead of "does she really thinks".. #needsomehelp #thanks

  4. Hi Oli! How are you? I hope you're very well! I love all your videos! You explain very well! You have a special charisma to teach! Thanks so much for helping me with my English lessons!! Greetings to you from Argentina! I love you! 👏👏👏👏👏😊😍😍❤💖😚😚

  5. I am from Bangladesh in that case i wanna speak english like the native speaker. would you please make some videos about syllable, intonation, clustering and others thing

  6. i really like these clips but the constant hand movements are very distracting. Every clip has this! Are you told to do this when making a video. it looks so unnatural.

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