Why is Ha Ji Won sad these days? [E-news Exclusive Ep 64]

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Author: admin

46 thoughts on “Why is Ha Ji Won sad these days? [E-news Exclusive Ep 64]

  1. Multitalented korean actress.. She is great female korean actress.. Amazing yeoja. So adorable, charming and beautiful.. She is vampire.. 40 years old she's looks faces 25 years old.. Never change.. Natural beautifull.. Baby faces.. 💓💓💓we love you 1023..

  2. i hope she find great guy on future, she pure and kind woman….

    really hard for life when everything around gone but there will be always rainbow after storm…

  3. I'm very sorry for her loss and hope that after all the suffering she will find peace and happiness. Please, stay strong Ha Ji-won!

  4. It's sad that I know that behind those laughter there are tears. I know she's a natural smiley person and she's always showing strength through her laughter but I hope she can also be authentic to herself and there are friends who can comfort her during sad times. It's okay to cry too, Ha Ji Won… I hope you can find freedom in that aspect too and thank you for always be an inspiration.

  5. Ha ji won 40 years old but she so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 look so cute and young 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lee seung gi can teach ha ji won to play piano. Lee seung gi can play any types of music using piano. He can also composed a song for ha ji won.

  7. Wala akong ibang wish para sayo unnie Ha ji won kundi ang mahanap o matagpuaan muna ang lalaking papakasalan at mamahalin ka hanggang sa pagtanda mo. Ameen

  8. It's a bit late for commenting this, but I see that many people talk bout her brother and sadness and funny interview. Cross question. Why she must being in depress and mustn't to try out from this conditions and live on and trying to find her happiness?

  9. I think she said recently that she wants children soon so I wish nothing but success and happiness to her. This ageless Queen deserves it.

  10. If you want to feel happy. Its good to do charity helping the poor by support of food and money aid. When the poor people or elderly is happy, their happiness will be felt by you in return.

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