Zedd Gets Real About What It Was Like Dating Selena Gomez

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For many A-list stars, any information their dating and personal lives are kept far, far away from the public eye. But, Zedd is doing us all a solid by pulling back the curtains to reveal what it was like dating one of the most beautiful, talked about celebs in the world: Selena Gomez.
You may remember Zedd and Selena dating for a brief period of time in 2015. Word got out about their romantic relationship after they both collaborated on the hit song, ‘I Want You To Know,” and, well, Zedd wants you all to know that dating SelGo was not as glamorous as we all think it is. In fact, it was down right catastrophic.
Zedd revealed to Billboard of his relationship with Selena, saying QUOTE, “Reporters were calling my parents. People were hacking my friends’ phones. I was pissed. [Though] I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life.”
It sounds like things have gone back to normal now that Zedlena is no longer a thing and I think Zedd is just fine with that.
What did you guys think of Zedd’s big reveal? Are you surprised by how much his life changed in that short amount of time? You know what to do, leave your thoughts and comments in the designated section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to find out why Selena got so much backlash for accepting her new movie role and as always, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your host Joslyn Davis with Clevver News and I’ll see ya next time.

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41 thoughts on “Zedd Gets Real About What It Was Like Dating Selena Gomez

  1. Call her untalented all you want but, Selena is grinding right now. 13RW, all this new music, landing a role in a new movie, coach, etc. Selena is everywhere. She's a great actress and her music is definitely getting there.

  2. Ugh how is this a big reveal? If that's all he said then he didn't say much and I could have guessed people started harassing him because that's what psycho fans do.

  3. Dating Selena would be a blessing. She's so beautiful and lovable! But then you have all these crazy people trying to stalk her relationships and hack their phones… like leave Selena and her relationships alone

  4. This channel annoys the shit out of me, because they always talk about their opinions and I'm like shut the fuck up and get to the drama.

  5. All these comments saying that she isn't talented :/ I don't see you on my TV. She's a great actor and her songs are catchy as hell. I am not a selenator.

  6. Everyone is commenting on her talent and how she doesn't have it and all I have to say about it is then how did she become famous? How does she sell out stadiums when she performs? How is she still famous if she is talentless? Honestly though she may not be your version of talent but who is anyone else to judge. Just because you think she is talentless doesn't mean anything and also if you think so poorly about her then stop looking at videos of her. Yea so what the lady said most talented get over it everyone has their own version of who is most talented. Stop putting others down just because you don't like what one video states.

  7. assholes! it doesn't mean that Selena may not have the greatest voice
    she is not talented… talent also revolves around anything you're
    naturally good at… it means she has a talent in acting, writing good
    songs, influencing people with her fashion and inspiring young
    people..she is a great person!

  8. "I'm tired of seeing Selena Gomez. Tired of hearing about her. I hate her. She has no talent." I will never understand why the people who say that continually press on videos about her. You don't have to like her or think she's talented. That's totally your opinion that you have the right to. However, why waste your time on her if you don't like her? No one is forcing you to click on news surrounding the woman. Also, why must you all be so nasty to others that disagree with you? Build yourself a bridge and get over it. Is Selena Gomez the most talented in the industry? Not by a long shot! But she must be doing something right. I don't see how all of her success she's had would've come her way if she had no talent what so ever. Also- you don't know celebrities at all. For the most part, they don't even know you exist. Sick of seeing comments that say "Selena is so rude all the time" when she is nothing but kind in most videos of her.

  9. For ppl who are like
    "Oh shut up you don't know anything about her"
    Neither do you
    Not saying she does this But remember she can act. She might be acting for her fans but you need to actually see her(without cameras or irl or sumthin) to "Know" her

  10. i'll admit selena is very talented but calling her the 'most talented'( is a bit too much) since there are many more talented people and she is just one of them. no hate because i luv selena

  11. Most talked about , yes. ONE of the most beautiful, yes. The most talented? No.

    She can act, for sure. But her singing isn't all that great. Her voice sounds amazing on her songs but her live singing isn't that great. She's definitely not talented in that area

  12. Lol at the dumbasses in the comment for thinking that singing is the only way to determine if someone is talented. Piss off

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